A tall man stepped out of the house. A white T-shirt and khaki shorts covered his large frame; a baseball cap shaded his eyes. He stretched, then grabbed the axe by the handle and swung it back over his head; the axe came down with a loud “thwack,” and wood shards flew away in all directions.



A shiver of fear crept up Magda’s spine. The man’s hard, muscular back and his grim expression terrified her. She crept back into the bushes, toward her bike and the road. As she turned to take one last glance before running, she saw the man staring in her direction. She dropped down lower. Did he see me?





She was already cold, but Magda felt like her temperature had suddenly just dropped ten degrees.  Her legs and arms felt weak, and though a part of her wanted to get up and run away, she knew she couldn’t move even if she wanted to, since she was paralyzed with fear, which was good, since running would be the worst possible thing to do right now.

Magda sees mysterious lights in the forest on the anniversary of her father and her brother Tom’s drowning deaths.  She finds Tom’s books on alien abductions, and learns about the Japanese Canadian children who were exiled from Mayne Island in World War II. Her problems begin when she and her friend Brent try to solve the mystery of the lights, putting themselves and their friends in grave danger. This is the second adventure story in the Magda series, which takes place on Mayne Island in the Strait of Georgia off the coast of British Columbia.

Did you know that the Mayne Island School had to shut down because there weren't enough children left on the island to warrant running a school there after the Japanese Canadian children were interned?  Magda and her friends learn this and much more, and decide that something has to be done to commemorate these children whose lives were changed by events that occurred during World War II.





The old Parker house is a just a skeleton; its bare timbers and its broken windows are no protection from the elements.  Magda follows Sport into this derelict house and uncovers its deepest secrets.  Meanwhile, Brent is falsely accused and in trouble with the law.  He hides out to avoid serious consequences, but this leads to even more dire results that leave him at death's door.  Will Magda rescue him in time?  Will she find the sinister culprits who have robbedancient Tsartlip artefacts? Will she solve the terrible secret of the Haunted House?


This exciting novel for young readers is available now.










Magda was panting but she didn't stop running. She felt the sting of cold air against her face and broke through the salal that covered the entrance. She ran, sure-footed now, along the driftwood logs and up the steep bank.


"Quick, Brent," she called over her shoulder. "Grab your bike."

There was no answer from Brent. She looked over her shoulder.


He wasn't with her. She fell to her knees. She was alone.


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