"Engrossed is the bee of my mind in the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother."

Mantra – from Baba Ram Dass


Engrossed in the flour and yeast of daily life

Is how my life unfolds:

The constant round of building, making, planting, baking.

Bee-like, I busy myself with tasks

Of which my life is made.

My life. I say, "My life." But what part of it is me?

Mind? Body? Soul?

In truth, I don't know

The me that is engrossed:

Blue moods? Joys? Thoughts? Actions? What is left?

Lotus blossoms on the pond.

Feet on the earth. Head in the clouds. Hands worn and bruised with work.

Of what am I made?

My essence lives in what part of me?

Divine or mortal?

Mother, please tell me.

Amber Harvey

Mayne IslandBC

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