We drink it

Cold, clean clear, delicious water


Frack it

Frack the land

Poison the water

We want the money

Before Canada

Before settlers

Before their laws

We stewarded this land


Frack it

Poison the water

They want to buy gas

They want to buy dilbit


The land is clean

The berries, the fish, the elk are clean

We stewarded this land then

We steward this land now


Frack it.

Frack it.

China wants the gas.

Japan wants the gas.

Korea wants the gas.

Malaysia wants the gas.

Royal Dutch Shell wants the gas.


We want our health.

We want our clean water.

We want our clean land.

We want our clean animals.


Hurry. Hurry.

Frack it now.

Before the world stops us.

Before our own high court stops us.


Leave our snow-covered land.

Leave our elders.

Leave our chiefs.

Leave our simple wooden gate.

Leave us in peace.


Bring out the police.

Breach the gate.

Take the elders, the chiefs.

Before the world stops us.

Hurry. Do it now!


January 8, 2019

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