( ... writing at Jane's morning after Bob-B-Q)


Mysterious and Wild



I had another cup of coffee

Just to be sure

No yawns would intrude on my pleasure

No need. I found it again,

That wild, mysterious spirit

Turning and weaving

Through song after song,

The spirit that calls us

And weaves its magic.


Wild Spirit, you were there,

In the instruments and voices.

You have many names:

Love, Joy,

Pain, Love, Laughter.


You are all of these and more.

We were ├Žlled and we met

All drawn togetler by your golden

You wove us

And let us go again - renewed.


Today and then tomonow

We sleep, rise, eat, walk, talk,

Have another cup of coffee

Until we find your thread again

And follow it,

Looking the wild mystery.

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