This site is our  modest start-up web presence. Some is public, some limited to interested parties.


It is a bit rough in places - eg: navigation ( return to prior page) is awkward, etc.


Being cautious about web hackers, chinese military snoops, and other n'eer-do-wells, and mumbai telephone pests, we want to keep some of our content carefully tucked away.


Registered folks can use their E-Mails OR Userids




For now family pages/pics and comments, along with a little other dubious and in-test stuff  are secured. So you will a user name and  password.




As yet there is not much of interest to friends - near or far. One day, maybe, there may be. Then interested friends could request access (just try to login/create account) and when the site is reviewed you may- being of solid good virtue - get access.


FOR You Techies..

This site uses the (free) Joomla Website Builder. It is popular,well developed and tested, and has lots of free extensions. Also, I understand, and like, its approach and organization more than other packages ( like Wordpress).



The site is hosted on A2 Hosting , which I have found to be really good in many ways.



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