This site started as a place for my own comments on Idle No More.


My opinion was then - still is -  that ... well .. many, many people have not been "idle" in the area of native rights in Canada, even from way before its beginning. But maybe most of us aer not that effective.


Public portions (ie: rough and undeveloped) of this site are just from local Mayne Reads encounters, one being a note on my past Canadian native rights activism interests - encouraged by friends


A main focus is collecting good weblinks; I hope they will interest you.


Future contents ( I'm working these things out - part time only) may include thoughts and links on:

  • developing good public conversations and visions for Canada
  • what efforts are actually being made be Federal and BC governments, and are they effective enough?
  • tracking public 'healing' thru various expressions, such as ' acknowledgements' , apologies, etc
  • BC Gulf Islands area: background, stories, and  progress.


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